Seventeen Dave East

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  • Слушали: 79
  • Исполнитель: Dave East
  • Название: Seventeen
  • Длительность: 2:34
  • Лейбл: DEF JAM, Universal Music
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Dave East - Seventeen
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Dave East - Seventeen
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Текст песни Seventeen
I was buying shit that I ain’t never need
Them beats coming in and out another station
A Mayweather nigga that could never read
seen the paperwork, so how he on probation? (How?)
I’ve been living with a curse, I ran out of patience
Jungle got me out the dirt, living life for what it’s worth
Now here sleeping in my shirt thinking I won’t make it
Now I got your favourite actress in here gettin' naked
my back, 600 on land, like a shark it’s all black
Don’t talk about my trap
Moment of silence, don’t talk 'bout no violence
My phone wire be tapped
I don’t condone in no rats
I don showed love when they hated on me (They hated)
Amiri’s fit different, got some paper on me (You see it)
I’m smoking out the pack on me
Chef up in the kitchen, got my apron on
Hatin' ain’t gon' help you make it homie
Take it to the grave, couple things I done seen, people changing on me
(Changing on me)
The love change when find out that ain’t your homie (Changed)
The drug game not about to make you famous, homie (No)
I was putting in work when you was fleetin' (Work)
You was full, I wasn’t eatin'
These niggas come around for no reason
The same place we found 'em, we can leave 'em
These shoes don’t come out 'till next season
These jewels like I got 'em out the freezer (Cold)
She rude, she don’t really have a reason (No)
I move like I’m tryna get a breeze
Thinkin' back when I was only seventeen (You know them young days, you)
Thinkin' back when I was only seventeen (Tryna figure out where the party at)
Thinkin' back when I was only seventeen (First time hittin' a blunt,
shit like that)
Thinkin' back when I was only seventeen (I caught one motherfucker)
You couldn’t tell me shit when I was seventeen (Nah)
Teachers told me I would never graduate
Cuzzo touching money I had never seen
He told me, put me put my paper and never give my
So I got up out the hood, some niggas never leave
Remember Friday night, prayin' I wake up on Saturday
Loiter in buildings, no, I’d rather spoil my children
Can’t be one of them dads that went that way
Thinkin' back when I was only seventeen
Dirty lil' nigga, room was never clean
I had call was like
Tryna make it to the league on whoever team
Them nights, millions started comin' I could never dream
Demons talking to me, god, please intervene
I used to wear my new Jordans 'till the sole was ripped
Girls used to look at me like I was never clean (Dirty)
Moving forward, I ain’t bringing up no old shit (Nah)
Got a rental, we could go and take this road trip (We out)
Like a pill, I just want to get in motion
, man to man, so we gotta run in motion
Thinkin' back to when I was seventeen, if I said I was gon' be rich,
who’d have thought I was joking
My ride was a Grande Cherokee, crib with the key, go outside if you smoking
Thinkin' back when I was only seventeen
Thinkin' back when I was only seventeen
Thinkin' back when I was only seventeen (I'm talkin' them days when)
Thinkin' back when I was only seventeen (crib and shit, every other week)
(You know what I’m saying, your first time tryna squeeze some titties,
get some ass or somethin' like that)
Young days, nigga
Thinkin' back when I was only seventeen
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